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Will You Make It Through 13 Doors?
The largest haunted attraction in Eastern Washington & Oregon is about to open and it's bigger and better. '13 Doors Hell's Dungeon' at the Benton Franklin Fairgrounds. You'll have to get through a 7200 foot maze of horror. The challenge is to make it ALL the way thr…
Chill In the Zombie Lounge and Booze Garden!
Need a break between haunting fun? Or just want to come hang out in the creepiest lounge in Tri-Cities? You've got to check out the Zombie Lounge and Booze Garden! If you're 21 and over, you can hang in our new beer and cocktail garden. You'll be surrounded by spooky art, a well-stock…
Discount Vouchers from Dairy Queen
Want to save some money on your Scaregrounds tickets? Tri-Cities & Walla Walla Dairy Queen locations have your discount. Just pop in to Dairy Queen and look for the Scaregrounds discount voucher poster and scan the QR code. The vou...
OUTBREAK Zombie Outbreak Paintball!
This October Scaregrounds is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday beginning October 10th and on Halloween night October 31st. We're excited to announce the return of Outbreak Zombie Paintball from Red Dot Paintball. This is your chance to ride in a battle-wagon and shoot at live zombies! Watch t…
Scaregrounds Warning!
Your ticket/Pass is a revocable license and may be taken and admission refused upon refund of purchase price. Your ticket/Fast Pass is good for one time through...
Selfie Station
We will have three selfie stations so you can document your evening at Scaregrounds. One of the most popular is the Predator selfie station.
13 Doors Presented by Tri-City Lumber
Scaregrounds Tickets on at the Gate Only
You’ve waited a whole year, and now it’s time again! The Scaregrounds is back with one huge attraction at almost half the price! Tri-City Lumber presents: 13 Doors! 13 Doors Thru Hell's Dungeon is the featured haunt this ye…
Zombie Paintball ‘Battle Wagon’ Coming to Scaregrounds
I know you want to shoot zombies from a "Double Decker Battle Wagon", I don't even have to ask! One of the attractions this year to Scaregrounds is a paintball zombie shoot put on my the guys at Red Dot Paintball.
You'll ride atop a "Double Decker Battle…
The Scaregrounds in located at the Benton County Fairgrounds at 1500 S Oak St, Kennewick, WA 99337. Enter the Main Gate from the 10th Street Parking Lot and follow the SCREAMS!
Directions from SPOKANE, WA
• Interstate 90 WEST
• Merge onto US-395 SOUTH via exit number 220 toward RITZ…