This fall at Scaregrounds “Terror Behind the Screen” takes you into a world of Evil and Possession. Evil lurks in a small cabin deep in the woods. As possessed victims surround you there is only one way out -- can you find your way through without becoming possessed yourself? Or will the Evil of Terror Behind the Screen consume you too?
Guests will be transported into a popular film where you are visiting the woods for spring break. You will face off against a demonic evil that will stop at nothing to consume you after a mysterious passage from an ancient book is read in the cellar, releasing an unearthly force of darkness. A pack of violently-possessed victims -- including the character “Mia” -- wreaks brutal carnage throughout the mazes – and guests must make their best attempt to escape. From the cabin, to the cellar, kitchen and tool shed, visitors will not be able to escape the Evil that has rooted at this year’s Scaregrounds!